Everybody's Masquerade 

Is there anyone we are ever completely honest with?

This isn’t to say that we lie. Just that there are truths we choose to keep hidden. Pain in our hearts too devastating to reveal. Failures we are too ashamed to admit to. Successes we dare not speak of, for fear they will be taken from us.


It’s the emotions that overwhelm us. Our burden alone to carry. 


It’s every fear. Every irrational thought.


We keep parts of ourselves hidden in shadow. Afraid that if we let another truly know us, they will…

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Behind the Shadows 

Climbing out of the wreckage of broken dreams and shattered expectations.
Life overwhelms, and depression suffocates.
But I refuse to believe this is all that I am.

Though scars run deep, they don’t define me,

and I won’t be blinded by the tears in my eyes.
Because hope is still there, beneath all the damage.
I can still hear its song.
I can still see myself behind the shadows.

It takes more effort than it used to,

to put on a smile and face the world.

Where is the girl who smiled easily,

making friends…

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A snapshot of happier times is the mask that you wear.

Tangled in this “reality “ woven, you become a slave to expectation.
You can’t fault others for their good intentions. For you shouted your love from the rooftops, believing it real and enduring.
You’d convinced yourself. You’d convinced the world. And your words became your chains.

Blinded by the lie of “happily ever after”, most fail to see that the light in your eyes has long since dimmed. As your mouth speaks the name, your heart silently…

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The Story Of You 

What you see as imperfections,
I see as endearing and unique.

And I see compassion and caring

in the moments you call yourself weak.

Scars that you bear, inside and out,

are signs you survived and are strong.

You have become wise through lessons you learned,

and turns you took that were wrong.

Imperfection is beauty, character, strength.
Owning all that you are. Living true.

The "flaws" you perceive are as words on a page

that tells the story of you.