Juliet Morriga

The Written Word

Is there anyone we are ever completely honest with?

This isn’t to say that we lie. Just that there are truths we choose to keep hidden. Pain in our hearts too devastating to reveal. 

Climbing out of the wreckage of broken dreams and shattered expectations.
Life overwhelms, and depression suffocates.
But I refuse to believe this is all that I am.

A snapshot of happier times is the mask that you wear.

Tangled in this “reality “ woven, you become a slave to expectation.
You can’t fault others for their good intentions. For you shouted your love from the rooftops, believing it real and enduring.
You’d convinced yourself. You’d convinced the world. And your words became your chains.

Scars that you bear, inside and out,

are signs you survived and are strong.

You have become wise through lessons you learned,

and turns you took that were wrong.

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